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What Is Your Definition of Success? October 13, 2011

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Your assignment is to create a voki cartoon (http://www.voki.com) to create a cartoon that defines success for you. Please send Mr. Bednar your voki via email (bbednar.esu10@gmail.com)


What Have You Gained / Learned? October 13, 2011

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In the comment section, please post the top ten things you have gained by being a part of this class. You can include thoughts / skills from any of the assignments: career choice, academic goals; college options; learning style; SMART goals; skills using your computer; software skills; treating others better; saying no to alcohol, drugs, tobacco; making a difference in the lives of others.

How Will You Make A Difference? October 6, 2011

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Part of your prezi presentation must include a SMART goal of being involved in an organization or charity as an employee or volunteer. Perhaps you will volunteer your time, money, or talent, or all three. Check out the many links on this site, or another organization of your interest. Please discuss why this organization is important to you in the comment section of this site.

Your Prezi Presentation September 30, 2011

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Your long term assignment is to create and develop a presentation on http://prezi.com. Your presentation will include your plan(s) for earning, learning, and living. You should include pictures, but be sure to include:
1) SMART goals for your educational future (classes in high school, college choices)
2) SMART goals for your career options
3) SMART goals for your future lifestyle (where you will live, how you will live)
4) SMART goals for how you will make a difference in the world
5) SMART goals for activities, groups, organizations you will be involved in.
6) How your learning style affects your future plans for earning, learning and living.
7) SMART goals about saying no to drugs and alcohol
8) SMART goals about “Making A Difference In the World” through your volunteer efforts

Be sure to include pictures of careers / college options you are interested in as well as the specific W’s AND H for each of the 6 topics – WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHICH, WHEN, AND HOW.
The purpose of this presentation is to encourage each student to be a champion for your goals:

Substance Use / Abuse in Central Nebraska September 30, 2011

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Your assignment is to discuss what is happening in Central Nebraska with substance abuse. You can complete a google news search for news articles. Please search for at least three news articles, summarize the news of each one, copy/paste the site into the comments.

Drug / Alcohol Prevention Overview September 28, 2011

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“The decision to use drugs is ultimately up to you. You need to know the health,legal, and social risks involved in using drugs so that your decisions can ensure a
healthy, safe lifestyle.” “No one can make you use drugs if you don’t want to. This program will help you
say ‘no’ if you feel pressured to use drugs.”
After reviewing the “Project Alert” film clips, please complete the poll sent to you via google docs and by gmail.

How Is Your Creativity Level? September 28, 2011

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Creativity is defined as the use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work.
Please take the Creativity Quiz. You will need to post your results or what you have learned about creativity in the comment section. You may want to use this information to make your Prezi presentation even more creative as you discuss your goals for the future.

In addition, your assignment is to identify ten tips, pieces of advice, or ideas that you can use from the Sir Ken Robinson’s lecture on creativity. Mr. Robinson criticizes our education system and the key KILLER of creativity. Please post your ten tips in the comments.

Community College Options September 27, 2011

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Your assignment is to explore the many options at a community college. You can select Southeast Community College (Beatrice, Milford, or Lincoln) or Central Community College (Columbus, Grand Island, or Hastings). You will want to click ‘Programs of Study’ to find the program(s) of your choice. In the comment section, please identify the college you explore, three programs of study that interest you, and two reasons a community college might be an option for you.

Options at the University of Nebraska Lincoln September 26, 2011

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Your assignment is to explore the many options at the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s website (http://www.unl.edu). Please explore the options at the main home site, under the UNL site, links under the “Prospective Student” site, and the link at the Innovation Campus site. Please identify three things you learned from each in the comment sections:
1) UNL links
2) Prospective Links
3) Innovation Campus
4) Home page

“Career Town” Games September 20, 2011

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Your assignment is to explore some of the 23 online games about career exploration in the “Career Town” link at http://www.vacareerview.org/…….or in the middle school link.
In the comment section, please explain:
1) what three games did you try?
2) what five things can you learn about careers, about yourself, and goal setting from these games?